Life & Politics

“When you enter a refugee family’s home, you immediately understand what their future plans are,” said Sinan Kılıç, a photographer who has been working on documentaries of refugees and migrants for the last five years

Literature & Art

I want a softer and democratic leadership in politics and business, and, by contrast, I want rowdy, uproarious, colorful, irreverent individualism/opposition/anger in arts.


The interpretation by Ant Aksan focuses on the futility of the revolution and the continuity of repression: The actress, Ayşegül Sünetçioğlu – mad, outraged, dangerous –knows that torture has not been abolished and that the same enemies of 1793--war profiteers, religious bigots, and capitalist overlords--also prosper in 1808. The audience is reminded that much holds true over time.


For the sake of my youthful love of the writer Pınar Kür, I will forget that her last book “Sadık Bey” – written after a silence of ten years – exists. If anybody asks, I have never read it and I still think of Kür as the brilliant creator of/writer for angry young women, not impotent old men.