“Why even bother to buy a luxury brand if it is not instantly recognized as one?” asks my friend as she fiddles with her multicolor Celine handbag.  We have gone out together for a New Year shopping spree and I am already beginning to regret the decision. My friend, a 40-something “corporate Barbie” who works […]

The air is heavy with the smell of milk, vanilla and coffee. The strange marriage of wrought iron dominates the decorations. The coffee-counter sports strange flasks that should belong in a lab. I am in one of the “third generation coffee shops” with snazzy names like “Overdose” or “Awake” or “Baristocrat” in downtown İzmir. The hip […]

“These women are not just killed; they are mutilated and subjected to additional violence before and after the murder. The dose of violence borders on torture. The so-called third page news on women’s murders include attempts to burn the body, cut it into pieces or decapitation.”

I was in my twenties, reckless, in love and convinced that nothing bad could happen to me or anyone I loved. Terrorist attacks were things that happened elsewhere, to other people     In December 1996, when a bomb planted by Armed Islamic Group of Algeria (GIA) exploded in the Port Royal metro station, I […]

 Erospolis takes a look at İzmir’s two ‘frenemy’ football teams whose chairs promise to set a national example of sportsmanship. The supporters, divided by geography, history and modern clichés, barely deliver My relationship to football is limited to asking my husband to turn down the sound if I have failed to escape to the movies […]

(Bloggers update: Too bad that Mr Davutoğlu is leaving his post without keeping da promise!) I spent at least two decades of my life listening to friends, colleagues and chance acquaintances promising to find me the perfect man. The perfect man they promised to introduce me to, alas, often turned out to be a hopeless […]