As expected from a city founded by Amazons, the women of İzmir are fighting violence against women through art, theater and a strong determination to take offenders to court.   The tradition of talismanic shirts – known as the Ottoman magic shirts- dates from Turkey’s shamanist past. Back then, the shirts, engraved with geographical designs, […]

Izmir’s women like to boast that they bring grace and style to everything they do, including public demonstrations. That is probably why “Chic Women’s Bicycle Tour,” participated by some five hundred women, may well be the most ornamented demonstration in the country. This year, other cities joined the Izmir initiative, from Bodrum to Antalya. Last […]

“Ah, the youth today,” said the old man with the weather-beaten face and weary eyes, reading a Hürriyet Daily News and speaking some implacable accent of English. “They think that they can do anything without having to work on it. They do not understand that raiding is something you can only do with strategic thinking, […]